- W1 -


At 150mm/s base speed and 300mm/s top speed, the W1 is one of the fastest 3d printers - Ever.


This machine can print for days on end, and with factory Auto Bed Leveling, you can print without fear of the print falling off.


The W1's advanced firmware allows it to connect via Wi-Fi. You don't have to run across the house with that tiny MicroSD card anymore.


Using the high-performance TMC2209 stepper drivers, the W1 is very quiet, yet powerful. There are three print modes that you can choose from.


The W1 comes pre-assembled*. It can start its first print in as little as 15 minutes**

*The spool holder and display have been moved to prevent them from breaking off, as well as some wires disconnected.

**Does not include the time to run the inbuilt setup wizard, which, on its own, can take up to 30 minutes

Color may vary

Email max@wizard3dofficial.com to be Added to Pre-Order List

Github Open-Source Files in Progress, Coming Soon...

W1 Specifications

Build Volume: 310x310x390mm

Frame External Dimensions: 580x540x600mm

Actual Dimensions: 670x635x705mm

Weight: 30lbs/13.6kg

Compatible Materials: ABS, ASA, PLA, PETG, TPU, Nylon, Wood-fill, and more

Input Voltage: 120VAC with United States standard plug

Max Power Draw: 350W ± 10%

File Format: Gcode (printer), STL/3MF (slicer)

Layer Height: 0.04-0.32mm

Max Print Speed (may require higher temperature): 300mm/s

Recommended Print Speed: 150mm/s

Max Travel Speed: 1250mm/s

Hotend Maximum Temperature: 290° C

Heated Bed Maximum Temperature: 120° C

Positioning Accuracy: 0.1mm (XY), 0.02mm (Z)

Firmware: Klipper/Mainsail Web Interface